Interesting Facts about Marco Kozlowski

September 13, 2018
Marco Kozlowski is known for his expertise in the luxury real estate. He is fondly called the luxury home guy because it is the area of real estate he specializes in. aside from being a luxury home guy, there is more to know about Marco Kozlowski. 

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  • He is a musician – Marco Kozlowiski loves music. In fact, he is a concert pianist and has opened his very own music school. His first music school was a success. He decided to open another music school in Florida. However, as time passes by, there is not much opportunity for him in the music industry.
  • He discovered his luck in the real estate by chance – When he opened his music school in Florida, the business was not doing that great. He was thinking of ways to compensate for his music school investment. He happened to learn about a real estate event that is going to happen in Florida. Out of curiosity, he attended the event and that was a big turning point in his life. The doors of real estate opportunities opened and since then he was unstoppable. He was able to provide the needs of his family and the best part is he no longer needs to trade time for money.
  • He has written books which made it in the Amazon Best-seller list – Marco Kozlowski released a book, Power Principles for Success on July 28, 2010, in collaboration with America’s Premier Experts. It became the number one best-seller in the direct marketing category. In his book, Marco Kozlowski shares his success secrets for a life of health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. He authored one of the chapters in the book titled, “Your Net Worth is determined by Your Network.”
  • His real estate success didn’t come easy – Marco Kozlowski is probably one of the most successful luxury real estate guys but his success didn’t come easy. He began buying houses and flipping them for profit. However, after purchasing 119 houses in his first year, things turned upside down. He ended up paying more than what he got back in rent. He then discovered the power of auctions and then shifted to the luxury real estate. He became successful. His first luxury real estate deal enabled him to profit $81,000. Since then, there is no turning back. He dedicated his life to exclusively focusing on finding, controlling, and selling the luxury property without risk.
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His vast experience in luxury real estate enabled him to create and perfected a system that will help others who want to invest in the luxury real estate. If you wish to follow Marco’s success path, then make sure you participate in one of his real estate events.

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